melanotan ii dosage

The latest:

          The medical world has bought in several innovative and lifesaving medications for the benefit of humanity. Since medication also considers beauty as a manifestation of good health, the medical scientists undertake several feats ton bring new products and drugs to serve humanity in one way or the other. Here is where the new product melanotan2 has come in and is being used by many individuals both men and women for the change of the skin colour to a tanned complexion even without going into the harsh sunlight to achieve the same result. However, the product is available online and you can click on melanotan 2 for sale to now more on the medication.

How does it work?

          The medication is called as the melanotan 2 which is based on the peptide which triggers the formation of melanin in the body. The melanin is produced from within. The medication is used at a small dosage to begin with and it can be increased after wards. The medication needs very simple equipment such as the insulin need which is very small and it is not painful. The cotton swab is required to clean the area with rubbing alcohol to avoid any infection. This works faster than the other medications that are available in the market. This is even better and faster than sitting for hours together in the sun on a sun bed.

melanotan ii dosage

Skin analysis:

          For the use of the injection, the doctors recommend that you carry out a skin analysis so that the skin type and other important factors can be known before the dosage is fixed for the person. The initial dosage is set at 0.3mg for about two weeks and it can be increased afterwards.


          The medication can be ordered online and can be bought easily through the online shop. The details of the online shop are available online and you can order it online. The shop is well known for its speed delivery of the medication. The online shop offers melanotan 2 for sale just for you.

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