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Investing in bitcoin might be risky as well as the best choice, risky in the sense as it doesn’t have guarantor it might shut down any time and you might lose the initial invested amount, and it might be the best choice in the sense as nowaday’s everything is online you can use it to buy things, to gamble, to play, or you can just opt to sell it and get a quite good amount for it. Investing in bitcoins isn’t like how you normally invest in a renowned company’s stocks or shares. Bitcoins itself is a company making its cryptocurrency. But one must also consider that bitcoins aren’t just started it just got trendy now but it started years ago.

Bitcoins might have a bit high value, but it also has a high selling value. Bitcoins are good investment option for those who have separate cash kept aside for investing or those seeking for a new investment opportunity, those who are new at investment but have money and can take loss can also approach for bitcoins, but those who cannot afford to lose a penny should stay out of investment itself. The investment seems easy to talk about but it’s quite a responsible job considering you as an investor. Bitcoins might be the only future for the cryptocurrency market or it might be a huge fraud.

Conversion rate

The conversion of btc to inr in April 2020 is 5,13,066 rupees. Experienced an 83% increase in the number of account signups over the week of bitcoin’s price collapse, a result of buyers looking to capitalize on the low price. Bitcoin price started to surge and weekly volume of bitcoin trading nearly doubled. Not to forget, India is one of the largest remittance markets with a total value of more than $70 billion. On this, a user usually pays up to 15% in bank charges and conversion fees. This is where Bitcoin’s true potential lies.