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Essay is the way of portraying your perception on a topic. Essays are part and parcel of everyday student life irrespective of which grade the student is in. What differs is the expectations at various levels as a student graces through it as years pass by. In today’s world collecting data on the given topic is an easy task thanks to the all-encompassing internet spread worldwide. Data when arranged logically becomes information which is the challenge posed in essay writing. In an essay, its structure takes utmost importance.

The structure itself gives aesthetic look to the readers. Everyone knows an essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion but there are few misconceptions which needs to be done away with. One is that essay written in formal, impersonal way with long complicated sentences is a good one and the other one is that writing the way in which we speak is acceptable. These two have to be debunked. Important requirement is clarity and precision of expression in simple words. A good essay can help you in getting higher grades as well as winning competitions and setting you apart from the crowd.

Introduction is where you glide around the topic conveying the meaning of the topic chosen and also the reason for the same. The seamless connectivity between the paragraphs must guide the reader in reading your essay. Paragraphing must be carefully done as the essence of the essay is carried in it. Without the paragraphs the essay would just look like mass of words haphazardly thrown around. Conclusion must summarize the essay clearly. Essays can be improved by a thorough edit. Preparing drafts of the essay before arriving at the final one helps in making the essay better. Additions and deletions of sentences, restructuring can be done via drafts.

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