7 Reasons Why Children Should Play Outdoors

Nowadays, many children are used to playing video games and watching television. They don’t understand the concept of socialization and end up spending almost all their play time indoors. They eventually get used to their indoor environment and find it hard to fit in the outside world. Imagine how you spend your childhood, you might have spent your summers in farms, gone fishing with an amazing clan of friends, or even played any outdoor sport. Don’t you think your children also ought to experience this fun? Start encouraging them to go out and play, rather than spending all their time on technology or gadgets.

  • Outside air is good for children– if you’re in a quiet, greener landscape then you can very well let you kids have a good time outside your home. It’s important for them to inhale the fresh air, once in a while. The inside air that they respire is often the same recycles, circulating air. A bit of fresh air will make them feel good.
  • It encourages good physical activity– Do you think your kid is glued to the television for long times? It’s better to give them some physical activity. This will not make them lazy and develop a sense of adventure in them. You can involve them in simple outdoor activities, like running, playing games, walking the dog, and more.

backyard playground

  • Kids’ get opportunity to socialize– It’s very important for kids to socialize with others. They might be comfortable with their parents but they should also try and converse with other children and people around them. Letting them play outdoors with other kids will help them develop their interpersonal skills.
  • It inspires children to be creative– Playing outside gives children the liberty to think out of the box. They might find a lot of creative things in the environment surrounding them. They might start building small structures using tree twigs, use clay and try their hand at pottery, and more. This will encourage them to try their hands at different things.
  • Science begins outdoors– While being outdoors children might witness a lot of science happening around them. They might witness a rainbow, see birds flying in the sky, and get to see different plants and animals, and more. This gives them an opportunity to question things and start learning about everything.
  • It greatly improves their health– Simply spending some time outdoors will improve their overall health. Being outside in the sun boosts the production of Vitamin E and Vitamin D in their body. While being involved in physical activities they put all their muscles into work and that helps regulate their heart rate and circulation. They also get to breath in fresh, clean air that can help cure many diseases.
  • Helps burn excess calories– many children are obese or put on excessive weight owing to spending too much time indoors. Encouraging them to play outside will give them enough physical activity to burn some excess calorie and get into good shape.