What are the myths and facts about durian fruit?


Durian fruit commonly known as the king of fruit is divisive. It has a sharp skin from outside that may pierce the hand of an individual. It is bittersweet in taste with a strange aroma that is not liked by everyone. Eating durian is not possible for everyone. It has a creamy smooth texture from inside that fragrance bitter. A lot of species are found in different countries. Every species have a difference in taste. The best red prawn durian Singapore is a species of fruit that is very popular. It does not taste like prawns while having a pinkish colour with a curved shape. Durian has some myths and facts on which it is a little difficult to speak clearly:

Myths of durian:

  1. One of the myths on durian is that it is filled with cholesterol which is not true. It has zero cholesterol with having monounsaturated fats that help in maintaining bad cholesterol.
  2. A cooling fruit named with mangosteen is eaten with durian. Few persons say that mangosteen help in reducing heat what goes inside you with durian. There is no proof for this claim. Maybe there is the reason behind this myth is that both fruits are harvested at the same time.
  3. Another myth that also has no proof is not to during beer with eating durian this may kill you. This myth also has no proof.
  4. Eating durian increases body temperature. It is also a myth that has no proof.

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