Knee replacement surgery: Things to know

The knee joint is the largest joint in your body. There are so many reasons that cause knee joint pain. If you are the one suffering from knee joint pain, then looking for a knee replacement is essential. The main goal of this surgery is to restore a pain-free range of motion. However, for successful treatment, you have to find the best knee specialists singapore. When you visit a specialist, they recommend surgery if pain and stiffness limit your activities. If it is a minor issue, then the doctor may suggest you take physical therapies and medicines.

If the knee problem is severe, then total replacement of the knee joint is suggested. In some cases, a doctor suggests partial replacements. Therefore, there are three types of knee replacements. Also, various designs and implants are available. You can discuss with your doctor what is right for you. Another major question among the people is how long the knee replacements would last.

If you maintain a healthy weight, then it could function well 15 years after surgery. The knee specialists singapore would perform a minimally invasive version of replacement rather than traditional methods. But not everyone will qualify for this procedure. The majority of knee surgery performed by specialists are successful. However, you need to follow the instructions of the doctor to maintain your leg strength.

You will be recommended to stay in the hospital for few weeks to improve your mobility and joint function. With the proper physical therapy, you could return to pain-free normal daily activities quickly.

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