Why the Altitude Training Mask is the perfect tool for Cross Country runners?

When you are looking out to improve your stamina, a training mask can save you a lot of time and can also be wear and tear on your body. So, let us face the fact, training for long distance runs can really be very time consuming. Plus, you may not have several hours available just to go out to run. Here, an altitude training mask can cut that time short and still benefit you in a number of ways.

Additionally, the training mask will somehow teach your body to breathe in and breathe out in an effective manner and more efficiently. This is because of the applied breathing resistance, your lungs will somehow work harder and you will need to take deeper and fuller breaths. However, the amount of oxygen you will be inhaling it will be quite limited, as your body will learn how exactly to use the limited oxygen levels easily.

How to use the Training Mask for cross country running?

Alright, not let us look at the two examples of how you can really incorporate the high altitude training mask in your daily work out:

Tempo Runs

This is one of the best ways of using a training mask, as it really boosts your intensity of the activity. When on your tempo runs you are already running at a higher pave that you normally tend to run, so by using the training mask you will somehow develop and improve your cardiovascular outputs and also will strengthen your breathing muscles efficiently.

So, try to begin with an easy air resistance setting at first and then build up your tolerance by using the training mask according to your requirements gradually. In case your normal running temp is 7 minute/mile then you might want to run at a 5 or 6 minutes/mile tempo.

Intervals Running

For every mile you are running, try to spend the first minute of that mile breathing in by using your nose only, even when wearing the training mask. Try to use the right respiratory resistant setting in order to keep your desired pace while breathing through your nose only and breathing out by using your mouth only.

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