Different kinds of cats for adopting as pets

Cats have been associated with witches and bad omen in many traditional folklores and fairy tales, but cats also have wide acceptance among people for keeping as pets in the house. There are many domestic cat breeds that can be made a part of your family. Some of them have been listed here.

  • Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair cats are friendly and lovable cats which are known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners. These cats love to cuddle up and curl up in the lap of the owner. Exotic Shorthair cats are wary of strangers and do not prefer to be involved in too much activity. Altogether, this is a good breed to keep in the house.

Different kinds of cats for adopting as pets

  • American Wirehair Cat

American Wirehair Cats have coats that vary between very dense to short. It is full of energy and highly playful and also takes a keen interest in the activities of its owner. The cat is known to provide comfort to a family member whenever he/she is feeling down by purring and sitting beside that person to provide companionship. American Wirehair Cat is also known to appreciate an outward show of affection by the family members.

  • Abyssinian

Abyssinian Cat loves to involve itself with people of all ages and even strangers. The cat loves to play games and is highly intelligent. Abyssinian Cat is a suitable gift that parents can present their children because it provides both entertainment and company.

  • Balinese

Balinese Cat comes in four different coat colours such as seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. Balinese bears resemblance to Siamese cats. Balinese Cat is an agile leaper and known for riding on the shoulders of its owner. The cat can communicate vocally and can be easily taught to play various games such as fetching the ball back for repeated throwing.

  • Persian

Persian Cat is a gentle animal and appreciates a good petting and cuddling session. The cat loves the company of people and prefers to sit as close to them as possible. This is not a very active breed but an adorable pet to have in the house.

  • Burmese

Burmese Cats are attention seekers and are highly vocal to communicate their needs to the owner. Burmese Cats simply love affection shown towards them and are happy to receive cuddling and petting from any person who is friendly with them. Therefore, anyone wanting a Burmese Cat as a pet must know that it should never be neglected by the family members.

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