Signs that tell your cat is in pain

Many a times, you can say if the cat is having any pain either externally or internally by just looking at them. But, there are also times when the signs may be too subtle for you to take note of. So, the only way to ensure that your Cats are on Top of its good condition is to look for unusual behaviour.

The symptoms you should look for

Your pet will be a pet and it will show its naughty or lazy side from time to time but at the same time, the problem signs are when they tend to overdo their ‘normal’ behaviour. For example, a cat sleeping for long hours is normal but if they are all the time sleeping, then it may be a symptom of some health issue.

Too much scratching: A cat tends to scratch and it is not an unusual behaviour but if it is tending to do it much, then it must be because they are in pain. If you are about to pet them and they suddenly bite you or scratch you in return, chances are that you may touched a part that is causing pain.

Changes in breathing pattern: Cats tend to have a faster breathing rate or may pant if they are having any pain. Just observe the muscles in the chest or abdomen and if you find their movements are not normal, then it might mean, your cat is not in good health.

Unusual purring: A cat purrs even when she is happy but if the purring is accompanied by any signs of inconvenience or if it is too often, then this can also be due to pain.

Less eating: Pain causes as much inconvenience to a cat as it does to us. So, if your cat is showing disinterest in eating or drinking less, then it can be that it has pain or discomfort in its mouth area or it must be having stomach pain.

Less active: A healthy pet will be active but if your cat is showing lethargy or not moving, then this can also be a symptom of pain or any other health problems. It is also observed that cats tend to hide their pain, so they may prefer to be snuggling under beds or inside your closet. Hiding does not always mean your Cats are on Top of its game always. If this hiding tends to recur, then you should know your cat is undergoing some severe pain issues.

Other signs such as body contouring, changes in its movement, eye movements, etc., can also be the signs that tell you that your cat is in some kind of discomfort. The only way to find about any inconvenience to your pet is to study its movement and daily routine. Thus, it is important to observe your pet closely as a part of your daily routine. This is required because your pets will not complain directly but if the issues are ignored for a long time, it may lead to irreversible effects which can be fatal as well.


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