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Housewarming Gift Ideas You May Want To Know

Whether it is you shifting into a new house or a friend/relative, it’s always a thing of joy and celebration. But what takes the cake among these celebrations is finding that perfect housewarming gift that would not only be easy on your pocket, but also practical and usable for the receiver.

So here are a few gifting ideas that would definitely help you and your friends put an end to the vicious cycle of passing unusable gifts from one home to another.

The Slender Blender

Blenders can usually be found at your nearest electric appliances store, and many models are available for less than $100. Some of these come with pre-programmed modes for making frozen drinks, along with an efficient and smooth experience. They can also help you make thick shakes and smoothies, and give you finely ground coffee without so much as a hiccup.

Frozen Fun

Gift your friends an ice-cream maker, and see how they invite you time and again for wonderful sundaes. They are mostly budget-friendly devices that can churn out the delicious and creamy treats; most ice-cream makers also come with an easy way to add your favorite fruit or candy into the mix for that ultimate burst of flavor.

Chop Chop

For all those who want to save their friends from spending unnecessary time in the kitchen, gifting them a chopper is the best thing to do. They are pocket-friendly, and have an array of blades available for grinding, mincing and chopping food items with just the push of a button; making way for simplistic living.

For the Morning Cuppa

When coffee is your cue to get up and face the world, a coffee maker can make your house a better place to live in. They can be made to give you your choice of ground coffee without the need to shell out pods. Also, most portable coffee makers are able to fill in a travel mug, along with small sized cups.

Oven Story

Gift your loved ones an affordable and fast-working oven for their housewarming. This wallet-friendly gift gives your friends a chance to bake, broil or toast without pitching in for a large oven. Many of these also come with user-friendly features like pizza warming, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned options, you can also go for things like a portable vacuum cleaner, a set of fluffy bath towels, steam irons, etc. Basically anything that will find a purpose in your friends’ new home can be the perfect idea for a good housewarming gift.

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