Buying the best headphones under 200

Today in the market you can buy the best of great sounding headphones that comes at high prices. But when you get some best headphones under 200 that would not just fit into budget with looking like something to bang on at the best of price range. With the audio companies realizing the fact for making perfect score on with best objectives. These are going to enhance the crowded market relating to headphones and would make them bought at the best price ever.

If you visit the market to buy such products, you are sure to get some extra with price but quality might not be the first thing to take into consideration.

These are being picked at the best headphones under $ 200 and make it perfect with its performance.

Check out some best ones below 200;-

  • the audio- technical ATH-M50X :-

This is no surprisingly the best headphones under 200 which one can get. The reason to carry is to make the best sound in quite a soft way. The quality is no compromising and would not compromise to the performance. It has soft ear cups which are going to make you feel comfortable to wear it for a long period of time. These do come with different leather that makes them very comfortable to wear for a long time period. This have a machinery flatness to release the frequency of 15 Hz to 28 Hz with a fairly flat sound that would expect a bump in the low end and you won’t find the actual reference headphone.

  • Samsung level on;-

This is the one that is justifiable to the price and at the same time even the quality. The sound quality is good and you don’t expect any functionality out of the buttons on the audio cable. These are similar like siblings to the lever over have but does lack in size they make up for its quality. The ear phones carries with 40 mm drivers and is fairly balanced.

  • Bose sound true II:-

This is one of the most popular and consumer friendly audio brand that goes on with good reasons. though this have been delivering a traditional kind of look but still have a solid audio and multiple options catering to consumer preferences. These have strong yet flexible headphones that would help deliver the best of sound quality and is found with an accurate representation and pleasing sound.


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