Say good bye to dry & dark lips

Say good bye to dry & dark lips

The lipsense cosmetics used by all women to enhance their beauty to make their lip glossy & hydrated all day long. The main ingredient used in this product is “Shea Butter” helps in reducing the chances of dry lips. Shea butter enrich with Vitamin F which maintains your lips soft & glossy. Lipsense product suits all skin type (especially for sensitive lips) with no side effects as it is chemical free & organic product. For more details check out lipsense cream review.

Lip cosmetics are used by women for daily basis to give a complete look in their makeup.

lipsense cream review


Lipsense is actually a pack containing

  1. Lipsense Liquid lip colour
  2. A moisturising gloss
  3. Remover

Benefits of lipsense:

The best part of this product is that it is 100% waterproof, smudge proof & long lasting .It nourishes the lips with its glossy effect & lightens the lip colour making it fresh &hydrated. Lip colour completes your makeup Always apply these products after cleaning the lips properly to remove the dirt & dust from the lips. Before sleep, the applied lipsense should be removed with the help of remover (set of lipsense) .Lipsense is a product, used by the user daily with no harmful side effects. The lip colour is available in fifty amazing shades like softer shades of rose for daytime, peach for evenings. For funkier look you can also try violet and purple colour. Nowadays working women also apply soothing & light colour for a light make up. It has been proved beneficial for every user.

More about the product:

It  waxy liquid more thinner than water forming layer on the lips protecting harmful radiations from sun & other radiations resulting in beautiful lips .Light & easy to apply fir daily basis with edible components .

.                     Application:

Step no.1 Ensure that your lips should be properly clean then apply lip colour as your wish.

Step no.2 For glossy & shinny lips use lipsense moisturising gloss

But don’t forget to remove it before you hit the bed, after all beautiful lips also need some rest. Check out the lipsense cream review for more knowhow.

How to Use

Use this cream twice a day. Initially, you may have to apply more frequently to hydrate your lips. The time required to cure damaged or chapped lips may vary from person to person depending on their pigmentation. You can apply lipstick or lip balm or lip gloss after applying the Lipsense lip cream.

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