Sound bar How to choose your sound bar


A sound bar allows you to get a much better sound quality on your TV: the voices are clearer, the sound is better balanced and the bass is more pronounced. Essential improvements when nearly half of the TVs we have tested in the lab offer fairly average audio quality, or even worse. Here are the elements to take into account to choose the sound bar.



Thanks to the 4K,  best gaming speakers TVs now offer breathtaking image quality regardless of their screen technology ( LCD or OLED ). His side, it’s less glorious. A soundbar can correct this gap to better immerse in the image when watching movies, but also sports events or shows with a tray of guests. This equipment is space-saving since it integrates into a single element the amp, several speakers and sometimes even a speaker dedicated to the bass. Some models are placed under the TV, others can be hung on the wall. The installation, in general, is quite simple.

Also, many sound bars can be used as a wireless speaker or as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music streamed from a smartphone ( streamed or stored on the device).


Home theater systems consist of several distinct elements: best drawing tablet  an amp, satellite speakers (5 or 7 most often) and a subwoofer (the famous .1). These elements are connected by cables, hence a laborious and cumbersome installation. The sound bars offer a very good compromise between size and sound quality. They occupy less space and are easier to set up even if, it is true, the quality of rendering sound effects does not reach that of a good home theater. Models even the largest (1.20 m) struggle to reproduce a stereo effect and surround effects, obtained by reflection of sounds on the walls, are very random or nonexistent.

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