The Different Types of Water Heaters

The water heaters that we use today have always been a device of utmost necessity. While buying one, you need to choose the best device that’s highly energy-efficient and saves a lot of your money. Make sure you buy one that ensures sufficient supply of hot water without causing much maintainance needs.

There are 3 types of water heaters in use nowadays. Depending on your personal needs and financial affordability, you can choose the type that suits best for you. Here are the three basic types of water heaters in existence today:

Storage tank water heaters

Storage water heaters are the ones with the 120 – 350 liters capacity tanks that can hold and heat water. They come with a storage tank that holds the heating element and can retain hot water for a long time. You need to give some time for the water to get heated up before you rush in for a shower.

These water heaters will draw the cold water from the tap into their storage tank, and the water in the tank will be heated using a gas burner or electric heating rods. The heated water will be stored in the tank, until you open the hot water tap. The tank has also a thermostat that’s capable of controlling the temperature of water that flows through your hot water tap.

This is the simplest form of water heater that makes use of electricity or sometimes come in the form of solar heaters as well. The water you get depends on the size of the tank, with bigger tanks you can get enough water that can be used for two to three baths.

Tankless water heaters

This involves an on-demand water heating technique, where you don’t have to wait for the water to get heated up. The water that flows through the unit is rapidly heated and you get instant hot water whenever you open the tap. Though they are a bit costlier than the traditional ones, they are the best when it comes to efficiency.

Using this tankless water heater will give you a 24×7 endless supply of hot water. They are 20% more efficient than the regular storage tank types and can also last a bit longer than them. Your power charge goes down because you heat water only when required and don’t end up heating the entire storage tank.

Hybrid water heaters

They are combination systems that can serves as both water heaters and in-home heating systems. Installing this system will involve a lot of plumbing works because the pipeline will be laid around your house. Hot water will be circulated around your house through these pipelines and this heat is used for warming up the insides of your house. This system also comes with electronic air cleansers, head dissipaters, and temperature control mechanisms.

This is a super-saver water heater than can come in both ways, either with storage tanks or as tankless types. Though the installation charges are a bit higher, this hybrid system will be well built and save a lot on your maintainance and annual electric charge.

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