Starting up your own Professional Cleaning Business

Cleaning services might be the most frequent callers at your house, especially if you have little kids running up and down the house at all times. More than that, professional cleaning might be forming a big chunk of your monthly expenses, especially for all the deep cleaning requirements. So it’s not new if you want to get into the business yourself.

But starting a business is not child’s play. You need to have a planned strategy to go about it, since major finances are involved. Here are a few things you should consider before starting out.

Obtaining those First Clients

This is the hardest part of setting up any new business, not just cleaning services. Most clients look for references and your duration in the business. The best thing that you can do is be confident and honest with your clients, and assure them that you might be new to the business but you do your job well. Clients love confidence, since it makes them believe their house is in good hands.


When it comes to references, your relatives and friends have a big role to play, and an important one at that. Ask your friends and relatives if you can clean their house for a discounted rate or for free, in exchange for good testimonials and word of mouth advertising. Working for free or at a lesser price might not sound like such a good idea when starting up, but will do your business good in the long run.


Advertising your company well and making sure you get the clients’ attention is very important, especially in a business like this. There are a few ways of advertising you can resort to, to grab maximum eyeballs.

  • Magnetic signs, or lettering for your vehicle
  • Ads in the local paper
  • Business cards
  • Door handles
  • Flyers
  • Referral programs
  • Website

Cleaning Products

It is highly recommended that you use natural cleaning products in your business than chemical ones. By opting for natural products, you ensure a healthy and clean living environment for not only the houses you clean, but for your employees as well. Pro tip: carry a hand sanitizer with you at all times, especially when going to clean a house.

What to Charge

It is imperative that you sell your services on the basis of quality, and not low prices. If you have done sufficient research on pricing by competitors, you will see that a lot of other businesses charge according to the hour, some by the square foot, and others by the room or a flat rate per home. But it’s always better to charge by the home and not hour, because that way your clients will pay a set fee and wouldn’t care how much time you take to do the job, plus no added expenses.

Some of the other things that would also demand your attention would be hiring help, buying equipment, and later growing your business and adding additional services.

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