A brief note on problems with impacted teeth and their solution

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The impacted wisdom teeth are the teeth which didn’t erupt properly into the oral cavity like the other teeth and cause various type of problems so recommended dentist wisdom tooth extraction Singapore, so that one may be relieved from pain with the tooth.

Problems associated with impacted teeth

  • They cause pain at the site of impaction
  • They lead to entrapment of food particles which we eat due as it is deep inside and hand can’t teach till there.
  • Debris gets deposited as cleaning is difficult in that area and even access to that area is compromised and leads to infection at that site.
  • Due to food lodgement continuously it leads to cavity formation causing pain.
  • Due to its structure complexity, it may damage the tooth beside it and even the bone around that particular teeth.
  • Sometimes in a few people cyst formation occurs due to the impacted teeth and that the cyst mostly occurs in the impacted area only.
  • If the cusps of the molar are sharp and the tooth is bent towards the cheek area, it may cause the cheek to rupture the layer of the cheek from inside and can cause pain.
  • Sometimes due to severe pain, they may be chances of lockjaw, where the patient can’t move the jaw freely due to pain at that site.
  • Few patients suffer from swelling in the area of the third molar due to deep dental decay.

The only solution for all these problems is extracting the teeth, as the third molar, is not functional there is no requirement for it so it is advisable to extract the third molar.

Extraction of the third molar is not like regular extraction, few teeth generally upper third molars can be extracted like regular ones but few teeth which are impacted in the jaw bone generally lower jaw teeth require surgical intervention. Mostly these surgical procedures don’t need hospitalisation.

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