Napa Valley wonders, Calistoga

It is a haven of nature and tourist wonders, Napa Valley is one place that enlivens you to nature and to a relaxed local population that has adopted the modern world in almost all ways except for its natural charm. Designed with its historic cottages Calistoga, Napa Valley is a must visit for a relaxing vacation.

Napa Valley is a place bound to charm you with its impressive vineyards and exquisite hills. But that wouldn’t be the only reason, you would want to stop there. Napa Valley has a rich town culture with exquisite and dynamic food options along with some very attractive tourist spots. Here, there is so much to do that you won’t know where to start.


If you are a biker, Napa Valley Vine Trail is the course for you. A 47-mile route will take you from Vallejo Valley to Calistoga allowing you to witness all the natural wonders first hand. For a more adventurous ride, you could head up to Mount St Helena that rises at a 4343-foot height.


Make sure you visit the Di Rosa which is an art haven and displays works of local and modern artists. Actually, Di Rosa is more than that. It is a 125- year old residence featuring a sculpture garden. Booking a guided tour will give you a better experience of the venue.

There is more to look out for at St Helena. The Cameo Cinema that dates back to 1913 is a historic movie house that shows a mix of first-run, indie and foreign films.


You will be at a dearth while choosing where to eat. A lot of eating hotspots around town make Napa Valley a frequent spot for food lovers. Whether its traditional Italian food or french style cuisine, you can find it all here. Some impressive spots worth visiting are Bottega, Redd, Bouchon and French Laundry. St Helena offers more modern food than traditional ones. So there you can even enjoy American food.

In short, if you are a foodie, Napa Valley is the place for you.


While staying at historic cottages Calistoga, don’t forget to pack yourself a picnic while in Napa Valley. You can get packed lunches from Model Bakeries that are famed for their sourdough baguette and English muffins. Another option would be Thomas Keller’s Addendum that sells boxed lunches. So all you have to do is order while you prepare for an outing with nature.

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